2001 space odyssey monolith

When they encountered a living world that had features in favor of the evolution of intelligent life, they left behind the monoliths as remote observers that were also capable of taking a variety of actions according to the wishes of their creators. Halman mentions that it was damaged by the impact of Mount Zeus, which is discovered to be a single vast diamond, a shard from Jupiter's core that struck Europa's surface some time following Jupiter's transformation. In the novel, the Russian crewmen of the spaceship Alexei Leonov refer to TMA-2 as "Zagadka" (from the Russian word for "enigma", "mystery", or "riddle").
The first, in 2010: Odyssey Two, Monoliths are generated to transform Jupiter into a star, subsequently named Lucifer. The name Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1 (also known as TMA-1) refers to the strong magnetic field found somewhere in the lunar Crater Tycho by an American scientific satellite. The Monoliths' communications are said to be limited by the speed of light, but Dave Bowman is sent on an interstellar journey at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Bowman is apparently transformed into the Star Child, not by the Monoliths, but by the Firstborn (both Kubrick and Clarke have similarly stated that Bowman was transformed by non-corporeal aliens, not the Monoliths). However, they are not completely indestructible: TMA-4 has suffered from damage caused by a giant meteorite of solid diamond that collided with Europa in 2061: Odyssey Three. TMA-2 sends a radio transmission towards a star system about 450 light years away in the 22nd century. Both TMA-1 and TMA-2 produce occasional, powerful, directional radio transmissions. The extraterrestrial species that built the Monoliths developed intergalactic travel millions or perhaps billions of years before the present time.

The aliens left behind three Monoliths to observe and enact their plan to encourage humans to pursue technology and space travel. This Monolith was officially dubbed Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One, or TMA-1. (2010 The Year We Make Contact Soundtrack), https://2001.fandom.com/wiki/Tycho_Monolith?oldid=6906.
Hackers at Large, 2001. The Monoliths are extremely long-lived and reliable machines, able to survive for millions of years buried in the ground or resisting meteorite impacts and radiation in space with no apparent damage. While these early explorers discovered that life was quite common, they observed that intelligent life was often stunted in its development, or else died out prematurely. It is discovered by a group of hominids and somehow triggers a considerable shift in evolution, starting with the ability to use tools and weaponry. "After three million years of darkness, TMA-1 greeted the lunar dawn.". At the end of the book it is explained that Halman used the Minilith to replicate Heywood Floyd's consciousness to help him uncover the Monolith's operations.

The first Monolith appears at the beginning of the story, set in prehistoric times. TMA-2 then observes the development of the Europans and guards them from any interplanetary (i.e. In 2010 and again in 3001, TMA-2 teleports itself.

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