2004 election results

On January 27, Kerry triumphed again, winning the New Hampshire primary. Bush won Florida and Ohio to lock up key votes in the Electoral College. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. In accepting the nomination, he began his speech with, "I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty." Heading into the convention, the Kerry/Edwards ticket unveiled its new slogan: a promise to make America "stronger at home and more respected in the world." Bush and Kerry debated the country’s foreign policy in the wake of the 2001 attacks and the Iraq invasion and occupation. This is the first time New Hampshire did not support a Republican who was elected, which happened again in 2016. Bush's absolute victory margin (approximately 3 million votes) was the smallest of any sitting president since, At least 12 million more votes were cast than in the 2000 election. The morning after the election, the major candidates were neck and neck. Massachusetts general election results Here are the unofficial results of the 2004 Massachusetts general election, held Nov. 2. White (77%) 58%. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were renominated without meaningful opposition in the 2004 Republican primaries. It was the first time the OSCE had sent observers to a U.S. presidential election, although they had been invited in the past. There was exceptional public interest in the two leading presidential candidates and the issues raised by their respective campaigns, as well as in the election process itself.". 0%. Some older party-affiliation maps use the opposite color-coding for historical reasons. Bush was accused of failing to fulfill his required service in the Texas Air National Guard.

"[22] The group challenged the legitimacy of each of the combat medals awarded to Kerry by the U.S. Navy, and the disposition of his discharge.

Which U.S. president did not reside at the White House? Because of a request by Ralph Nader, New York held a recount.

[80] In September 2004 the OSCE issued a report on U.S. electoral processes[81][82] and the election final report. The following table shows the change in electors from the 2000 election. Senator John Kerry (D) on November 2, 2004. International election observers were barred from the polls in Ohio. Bush and Cheney were renominated by their party with no difficulty. Results. Many such groups were active throughout the campaign season (there was some similar activity, although on a much lesser scale, during the 2000 campaign). [55], At the official counting of the electoral votes on January 6, an objection was made under the Electoral Count Act (now 3 U.S.C. Voter turnout was unusually high. [48] This was apparently the result of a typographical error, and an amended electoral vote certificate with the correct middle initial was transmitted to the President of the Senate prior to the official electoral vote count.[49]. +4. United States presidential election of 2004, American presidential election held on Nov. 2, 2004, in which Republican George W. Bush was elected to a second term, defeating Democrat John Kerry, a U.S senator from Massachusetts.

The following table records the official presidential vote tallies for Maine and Nebraska's congressional districts.[42][43]. NYTimes.com 2004 Election Results Interactive Graphic, "How close were U.S. Presidential Elections?

The assertion about WMD was hotly advanced by the Bush administration from the beginning, but other major powers including China, France, Germany, and Russia remained unconvinced that Iraq was a threat and refused to allow passage of a UN Security Council resolution to authorize the use of force. The post-September 11 popularity slowly declined as initial success in Afghanistan was followed by the problems of rebuilding the nation and fighting Taliban forces.

... Back to full election results. One of Kerry's slogans was "Stronger at home, respected in the world." It was clear that the result in Ohio, along with two other states who had still not declared (New Mexico and Iowa), would decide the winner. Note substantially more "mixing" of colors. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Bush and Kerry met for the third and final debate on October 13. Nevertheless, the Democrats did not flock to support his campaign.
In March's Super Tuesday, Kerry won decisive victories in the California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island primaries as well as in the Minnesota caucuses. By summer 2003, Howard Dean had become the apparent front-runner for the Democratic nomination, performing strongly in most polls and leading the pack with the largest campaign war chest. Bush presented himself as a decisive leader and attacked Kerry as a "flip-flopper", while Kerry criticized Bush's conduct of the Iraq War.

In 2000 both Bush and Gore spent large amounts of time and resources in the state; in 2004 similar spending did not take place. President George W. Bush (R) won re-election against U.S. In the wake of the September 11 attacks, Bush’s approval ratings reached 89% as the administration supported military action in Afghanistan to find terrorist Osama bin Laden.
George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000 after the Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore remanded the case to the Florida Supreme Court, which declared there was not sufficient time to hold a recount without violating the U.S. Constitution. Electoral balloting in Minnesota was performed by secret ballot, and none of the electors admitted to casting the Edwards vote for president, so it may never be known who the faithless elector was. The 2004 election completed the transition of Illinois from a swing state into a reliably Democratic one. As a result, central issues in the campaign were terrorism and, particularly, the Iraq War—with the lack of evidence that Iraq had stocks of weapons of mass destruction (one rationale given for the invasion) and with continuing American casualties. The incessant replaying of the "Dean Scream" by the press became a debate on whether Dean was victimized by media bias. The following table records the official vote tallies for each state as reported by the official Federal Election Commission report.

The 2004 electoral map is above. Bush's popularity rose as a wartime president, and he was able to ward off any serious challenge to the Republican nomination. According to one exit poll, people who voted for Bush cited the issues of terrorism and traditional values as the most important factors in their decision. American University's Center for the Study of the American Electorate reported a record turnout of 60.7% of eligible voting-age citizens, 6.4% higher than turnout in the, Owing to the nation's growing population and large turnout, both Bush and Kerry received more votes than any previous presidential candidate in American history. In the days following the video's release, Bush's lead over Kerry increased by several points. simplemaps_election.colors = {'R': '#a45a4f','D':'#415490','T':'#D6D6D6'}; simplemaps_election.votes_by_state = {"AL":9,"AK":3,"AZ":10,"AR":6,"CA":55,"CO":9,"CT":7,"DE":3,"FL":27,"GA":15,"HI":4,"ID":4,"IL":21,"IN":11,"IA":7,"KS":6,"KY":8,"LA":9,"ME":2,"ME1":1,"ME2":1,"MD":10,"MA":12,"MI":17,"MN":9,"MS":6,"MO":11,"MT":3,"NE":2,"NE1":1,"NE2":1,"NE3":1,"NV":5,"NH":4,"NJ":15,"NM":5,"NY":31,"NC":15,"ND":3,"OH":20,"OK":7,"OR":7,"PA":21,"RI":4,"SC":8,"SD":3,"TN":11,"TX":34,"UT":5,"VT":3,"VA":13,"WA":11,"WV":5,"WI":10,"WY":3,"DC":3}; Electoral Vote Map is an interactive map to help you follow the 2020 presidential election. Bring it on: Kerry used this to make the point that he was not afraid of attacks by the George W. Bush campaign. The March 2003 invasion led by the U.S. and Great Britain was based on arguments that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was developing chemical weapons and supporting terrorists. Generally regarded as a pragmatic centrist during his governorship, Dean emerged during his presidential campaign as a left-wing populist, denouncing the policies of the Bush administration (especially the invasion of Iraq) as well as fellow Democrats, who, in his view, failed to strongly oppose them. Edwards finished only slightly behind Kerry in Georgia, but after failing to win a single state other than South Carolina, he chose to withdraw from the presidential race.

He also brought on the "magical" Michael Whouley who would be credited with helping bring home the Iowa victory the same as he did in New Hampshire for Al Gore in 2000 against Bill Bradley. Carol Moseley Braun also dropped out, endorsing Howard Dean. Taegan Goddard also runs Political Wire, Political Job Hunt and the Political Dictionary. Earlier, some 13 U.S.

Advertisements produced by political campaigns usually included the statement, "I'm [candidate's name], and I approve this message." There were four other presidential tickets on the ballot in a number of states totaling enough electoral votes to have a theoretical possibility of winning a majority in the Electoral College. simplemaps_election.order = ['T', 'D', 'R']; //which color is shown first on click Kerry dominated throughout February and his support quickly snowballed as he won caucuses and primaries, taking in wins in Michigan, Washington, Maine, Tennessee; Washington, D.C.; Nevada, Wisconsin, Utah, Hawaii, and Idaho.

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