fun volleyball drills for beginners

Purpose This is a chance for players to work on developing sound fundamental form on their blocks. This drill is for beginning volleyball players. Start by standing in front of a wall in a blocking position. All of the players on one side will be “Birds” and the players on the other side will be “Bees”. If a player can't get to the ball with their hands, they should bump the ball up to themselves and then set the ball over.

Put one foot on the side of the box and one foot, Purpose

To help players improve their cutting, change of direction, quickness and jumping ability. BenefitsWhen first learning skills for passing, it's important to start out passing a ball that's being tossed to you because it’s the easiest ball to pass. Toss the ball to yourself and try to hit the spot. BenefitsThe idea is to be able to perform the block jump without scraping your arms against the wall. Setup

Set up one bounding box As serving skills develop, gradually back up until you can serve from behind the baseline. After a player passes, the player goes to the end of the line.

Enough balls for each group of players to use 1.Group your, Purpose Setup Here’s a fun volleyball drill that involves eight players divided up into two teams of four. The players at the front of each line pass the ball. Toss the ball up, take a step, and try to hit a spot on the wall. Players focus on passing to each other with proper passing technique. The first team to reach three “bigs” wins the game! Setup

VariationsAfter players have become comfortable passing off of a toss, players can now try to continuously pepper the ball, passing the ball back and forth to one another. also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank and other sites. The approach step drill gives players a chance to focus solely on footwork, eliminating the potential distraction of hitting a live ball and allowing them to build a firm foundation. This is a good drill for developing consistent setting skills through repetitions setting.

This drill is for beginning servers. This article was about fun volleyball drills.

SIDE BAR Both Wall Hitting and Wall Blocks are beginner volleyball drills that can be done alone.

Clear the entire court.Set-up one line of players on any outside, Purpose

This helps kids build confidence within each other and learn how to work more as a team instead of as individuals, since the rewarded volleyball drill of choice only happens when all the players have succeeded. The gopher ball defensive drill helps players learn to recover quickly and save the ball before it hits the floor. This is a great drill for building quickness and jumping ability. This should be done for a specific number of repetitions and then the players switch rolls. Once the first team has hit the ball the second team then takes their position and the first team goes back to huddling. The coach needs to adjust … Check out our collection of volleyball drills for beginners – including basic techniques for passing, setting, attacking, serving, blocking and digging. This is a good drill for developing consistent setting skills through repetitions setting.

Setup The coach then slaps the ball and either hits a down ball or free at the first of the two teams. Try to serve to your partner. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. BenefitsPlayers can count out loud each good pass until they reach a goal. 1 on 1 Setting Drill. This volleyball drill requires two players.

This makes the drill more interesting and makes players focus on their passes because only good passes are counted. Have players get into 2 lines facing one another. Have two players set back and forth to each other over the net. This will be an incentive to perform the block jump with good technique. Get all of the players to partner up and then make them lie head to head at the center line with their feet facing the end lines. To gain a point the ball must hit the player on the floor somewhere on the body. Share and comment below. This is a great example of a drill that builds camaraderie within a team, and is good even for beginner volleyball players. The coach then slaps the ball and either hits a down ball or free at the first of the two teams. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Start by dividing teams into two squads with half of the players on each of the serving lines. Setup Around The World In addition, it teaches players how to get to the volleyball and plant their feet so players can hit the ball back to their target. VariationsOne variation of this volleyball drill is mimicking serving technique. VariationsBeginner volleyball drills can be done with multiple partners serving to one another at the same time. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 fun volleyball drills to keep your training fresh and exciting. Toss a … This is a chance for players to work on developing sound fundamental form on their blocks. This drill requires only one player, a ball, and a wall.

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