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And he's still got all these models hanging off the roof, JOEL EDGERTON: There's this moment you have of opportunity like I shot Star Wars in Sydney. (News reporter): Actor Joel Edgerton known to television viewers for his role in Police rescue, plays prince Hal, the teenage brat who is heir to the throne. That's my chances. I think people seek an audience because they're looking for affirmation. 1:00 AM PDT Because you’d never read it before. And so he was like, I know I can do more than this. Does she love, will she marry me, she loves me not. JOEL EDGERTON: What I coveted was, was not so much the craft of acting, but in the early days going; "I want people to show me attention. JOEL EDGERTON: I suspect the reason that even begins is because you feel like you're a bit unlovable. TNT (052). Secret Life of Us would have been our real bonding as mates. He's made it in Hollywood but isn’t interested in red carpets, revealing that the public spotlight has worsened his anxiety over the years. About a week after it got released, I remember walking in to have an audition at a place in L.A.. And I sat in a room and there was like eight guys that could have easily have been me. So they probably thought I was like acting really well but I was probably just really, really worried, JOEL EDGERTON:  I think I just saw it as a sign like I'm gonna quit this job. I Tip My Hat to You, Joel Edgerton October 28, 2015 October 28, 2015 by starwarsanon , posted in Episode II: AOTC , Episode III: ROTS , Fluff , Movies I thought it would be nice to pay special attention to Joel Edgerton, if only because out of all the Star Wars actors, I … CARLA RUFFINO, NASH’S WIFE: As a kid like, he's got many stories of like jumping from moving trains because he was late for his basketball doing stuff like that because he really enjoys the thrill of it. JOEL EDGERTON: But there's something about walking a red carpet or going to a film festival and being, on show, that fills me with incredible anxiety. 16 Images. MARGARET POMERANZ: Joel is incredibly talented. That's great acting. MARIANNE EDGERTON, MOTHER: Joel loved performing. MICHAEL EDGERTON, FATHER: They used to run around, making short films and doing stunts and that sort of thing. Like if it’s a big budget thing, who would you try and cast in that. It reminds me of a hockey … Continue reading Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #199. And I'm like, we're never showing this thing ever again anywhere. JOEL EDGERTON:  And by 11 o'clock in the morning I was told to go home, not because I was fired just because my character was dead. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: We were like so green, we had no idea. JOEL EDGERTON: I’d done plays at high school. I used to come home and chastise Marianne because she didn't censor them as much as I would have, the types of movies, you know, all the, you know, blood and guts and murder. I mean, even in kindergarten, every play that was put on, he wanted to be part of. I’ve been lucky enough to have a front row seat to the making of many film stars from all over the world. And I was like, so shocked. Now, now, now. So this is why you need to be in there for the long game. DAMIAN WALSHE-HOWLING: I think Joel has a head a little bit like a potato. He's like, yeah, know this thing will be just a bunch people saying nice stuff about me. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: We seemed to get a lot of the fighting out the way when we're pretty young though. MICHAEL EDGERTON, FATHER: They watched a lot of, a lot of movies at home. But I was there for them when they needed me. Hey good luck with you film mate. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: By then I'd worked on a number of, you know, large films as a stuntman. Coming to interview Joel. Create a free website or blog at MARIANNE EDGERTON, MOTHER: Michael was building up his legal practice. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: It's funny, I joked to him about doing this. I remember Joel just started pushing me up the you know, up the walkway. Is it what Dan wants. Like that was weird. I need to hear it. you know. Own up, who did it? JOEL EDGERTON:  There's that guy, there’s that guy, there’s that guy. Tonight, Joel gives a candid account of the challenges he’s faced along the way and also how his family has kept him grounded, true to himself. I wanted to be loved. And so I was like, OK, I well I need to make a showreel. No, no no way, got to go out mate. We would always say to them, OK. Who did it? KIERAN DARCY-SMITH, FRIEND AND FILMMAKER: Heath Ledger had actually just recently kind of moved over that way. But he proved to be good at what he was doing and proved his old man wrong. That’s not the first adjective I would use when I think about Yoda. And during that year, I had this idea that I was going to be a stuntman. But you know my parents cornered me and I had to confess that I was going to drop out of uni and I was gonna be a stunt man. I just can’t smile because the beard is stuck on. It was a very strange bit of casting, but it worked. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. It was like, f***. Tonight Australian Story looks at one of the best this country has ever produced, Joel Edgerton. It's scary in there. Yeah... they I... oh well I don't know maybe Nash would be able to exist without Joel but I don't think Joel would be able to exist without Nash! Instead of being caught up in the "selfish life of an actor" Joel Edgerton is finding satisfaction in more meaningful pursuits. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: You know our film screened, and people booed and hissed it, you know, someone yelled out "this is not performance art!" So we put $250 each into a bank account and we had to give the account a name and we called it Blue Tongue Films. You know, our face is a mask. And I guess what was interesting about where Nash and I ended up is I'm certain that sort of part of it had to do with the fact that it wasn't you know, hundreds of things to do there as a kid that didn't involve your imagination.

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