mad dog kdrama

Amberle Oct 12 2017 9:57 pm

Hope their is a new drama with hwa young i can't get over them ! Each episode is better than before. a refreshing drama to be watched !! and really like woo do hwan character. Whaaa...yoo ji tae....experienced actor and woo do han promising actor ... daebak.

At early first episode, I thought Ryu hwa young was Park Shin Hye.

I am absolutely satisfied with the progress of the plot and character development. though there were many haters during tara bulling issue for hwa young [including me] the past is past .

Stay cool stay Gold - Actor Do hwan You are a diamond to be found i will stay tuned to your becoming projects ( actually i fell in love with you since ( man living in my house )( Kim Wan-Sik sshi ) First two episodes were really good. And the OSTs are awesome and catchy.

This drama started really good! He's mean of course, but he's eccentric and funny. //

Its been months since I watched it and I still absolutely love it. It is 2020 but i love this drama since 2018. I think this is one of drama which has a good plot but I don't understand why the rating is bad.. Javahanguk Oct 26 2017 9:32 pm [CDATA[ Sue Oct 19 2017 2:03 pm Zozo Jan 01 2018 5:54 am Hong Su Hyeon Missed this Unni glad she's back.

season2 please ??? Good luck on your next drama. hwa young fighting. It should’ve been nurse Oh Seora or Park Mooshin! all cast are amazing. Ruffa Oct 20 2017 7:38 am Wo do haan...alike ji Chang wooks character... Totally amazing... All the cast played a great role. wat is going on with ratings guys. //]]>, //

First two episodes are really awesome. it really tugs your emotions, and gets you thinking. Great actors! Just finished this drama.

MD Dec 01 2017 6:57 am DISCLAIMER: You do need some patience to watch this, since it starts off a little bit slow.

nandar Oct 20 2017 9:47 am Love this drama. 7hearts Dec 01 2017 8:54 am I wish he reach greater heights in his acting career. hannahshi Nov 16 2017 5:52 pm

And also Nurse Oh,Park MooShin,Byun Gookjin and many more . i like hwa young sooo park doo min says they must recognize her talent. Good Luck!! Of course..will watch it because of hwayoung n do hwan? Moni Nov 30 2017 12:53 pm But I bet you. Anyone know the ending songs in ep 1 and 2? def different than other kdramas. and am i the only can not breathe easy when watched this drama... im so sad the ratings arent good! i like Woo Do-Hwan acting especially in save me, sinbi Aug 25 2017 7:43 am ?? I really like this drama, i hope all the actors in thisdrama will get blessed in the future?? this drama is the best ever from all k drama ive watched all my life. I would freak out if its true??? st Nov 24 2017 1:27 am I need more with this dazzling chemistry !! Jac Oct 12 2017 9:52 pm All!! The casts played really well. Ms.grace Sep 24 2017 2:53 pm 오 대박이야! So Good. Writer-nim please start writing one❤? I give a 10 for story and turn of events. Anastasia Oct 13 2017 3:52 am Frosti Nov 12 2017 8:38 pm I pray dearly for a season two right after Woo Do Hwan (Kim Min Jun) is out from military enlistment. Waex samchun Aug 11 2017 7:12 am anon Oct 13 2017 9:01 pm

looooove this drama. Can't wait for the next episode. My Wednesdays' and Thursday's will pass like an empty lonely night :"(. What of Kim Min Joon and Jang Ha Ri romance......why would they keep teasing us like that till the end...Would it kill them to even give the two characters a kiss scene even if it was at the last episode ,,would it?? But really, this is the kind of drama that needs a season 2. cherryl Oct 11 2017 10:42 pm The best kdrama i've seen so far. So far so good. Leo Oct 28 2017 12:02 am And the bold and beautiful Hwa young from Father is strange and Age of youth. I liked Yoo Ji-tae in Healer a lot, so when this drama caught my eye, I thought this will probably be good and it is. OkBila Jan 31 2018 8:32 am So please don't expect so much! After a few episodes, that's when the real "Action" comes in. We really need a season 2, because the Mad Dog team was really amazing. It's fast phased yet every questions is getting answered.

omg woo do hwan is really handsome and sweet .i really like his perfect acting. Sue Oct 12 2017 2:14 pm He's so into it. This is my All time favorite show!!

Good job to all casts. Puzzles everywhere.. High curiousity to know the real culprit.. Hwaitingg! I was finished last night.. n i really fall in love with the story line and the casts.

I'll definitely be watching this! I really love Jo jar yun, winter moonlight Oct 12 2017 11:41 am Best Team ever !! We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. mad dog 2 pleaseeeeeeeee ??? Leadership-10/10 for that day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. i love the storyline and the actor so muchh. 대박 진짜 Oct 14 2017 4:01 am

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