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A:Brainstorming happens naturally, often I’ll be having a few beers with mates and I’ll throw out an idea that’s in my head, if the guys choke on their beer, spit it out or shake their head at me in disbelief – I know I’m onto a winner. Without thinking, his mate cut the stern rope, dropping the motor and the stern into the water, with the bow still held tight and the hull now on a 45-degree angle. But this didn't deter the kid one bit; his passion for fishing was such that nothing would dampen his enthusiasm. Next, we'll be living on a boat with 10 guys and 9 kayaks, fishing around remote islands 50 miles out in the Pacific for 8 days. But I decided that if the pilot got it wrong by a couple of feet I’d be getting rubbed out on the rocky stream bed – so I hand lined a 80lb halibut from a 6ft raft instead, not nearly as cool I know….what is it with those good ole boys up there shooting their halibut with hand guns?? Unprepared fishermen are often left with shaking hands after hooking an unstoppable green torpedo – the kingfish is a powerful and intimidating fish to hook. With more Kiwis holidaying at home this year the time is right to have a go at fishing when you are camping, tramping or just visiting your local lake, river or stream. He quickly learned the trade and after 18 months branched out on his own, aged 19. While he was atop his lofty perch day in and day out, his thoughts were never very far away from fishing.

Having a fishing show allows me to communicate to a large group of fishers, and I’ve found that with anglers, particularly in this part of the world, preaching conservation messages is not the way to go. SPONSORED BY. Like Matt, John was following his dream and he had just finished building the luxury game fishing vessel Primetime. Matt Watson and his son Shaw, head out for a days fishing.

I do think we need balance as we don’t want taking a fish to eat to become taboo, so I demonstrate only taking what you need to eat, not what your ego likes to see in the fish box at the end of the day. The pilot would swoop me down over a stream and I’d grab a salmon, and right in front of a bear would be even cooler.

Excellent tips for rigging, storage and use of the sabiki rig to maximise your opportunity to catch livies. Seventeen years on and Matt is still plying his trade, only now he's got to talk to the camera and direct the crew as well. var mydate=new Date(); Upon returning he began seeking out a crewing job on a game fishing boat in the Bay of Islands and by chance met a man by the name of John Gregory. So who would have picked that this kid from a small seaside town in New Zealand would one day step out onto the world stage, featuring on shows like The Late show with David Letterman, The Today Show, 60 minutes, NBC news, BBC World to name just a few of the countless shows, news agencies, publications and websites that have been fascinated by what he does. All Matt ever wanted to be was a fisherman, the Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Geography and other subjects he studied would be virtually useless to him in his chosen career, but Matt stayed on at school regardless. Matt Watson - Ultimate Fishing September 8, 2020 Share Tweet Save. So, guess he is one of the lucky few that is working in the job that he always dreamed of. "You are never far from the action. // The type of request. As the next weekend rolled around, before the first rays of sunshine lightened the Saturday morning sky he'd be towing his dinghy back down to the sea for another adventure. $('#loadingmessage').show(); // show the loading message. $("#date2").html("

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"); Matt knew his uncle was susceptible to a yorker but what resulted was not a tight toe-pincher, but a full-on body-liner that cracked his about-to-be-new-boss on the nut. It was a scramble to save all their gear, which was in danger of ending up in the tide before they managed to cut the bow rope to even up the deal. A: Man, there have been so many, but to single one out it would have to be swimming with Giant Bluefin – I was in a chum trail hand feeding 1100 pounders. They were dealing with a multiple-strike of yellowfin, offering Matt regular progress reports. Shortly afterwards, on two days off between Primetime trips, Matt and a couple of mates, Kerren “Kezza” Packer and Brandan Hull, got together, and with a handy-cam, he had been given as a wedding present, shot what turned out to be the winning video. { Unfortunately Ultimate Fishing With Matt Watson isn't available to watch right now. The show was a great success – one that was recognised the following season, with ITM securing the naming rights. $(document).one("ready",function(){ Pete Lamb Special, Fishing | Time | Moon | Tide | Current | Weather, Epic Freediving & Snorkelling at Goat Island, SImply Kingfish - Matt Watson Ultimate Fishing, Ranfurly Banks bluefin & deep drop action, How to fish microjigs and slow jigs with Rob Fort, High detail slow pitch jig techniques explained, Drone footage - Epic shots and Epic Fails: Ultimate Fishing TV, FIELD TRIPS USA in NZ for GIANT Yellowtail Kingfish & Snapper, How to get back on your SOT kayak with Paddle Guy & Dave, Freediving for Crays, West Coast New Zealand, Milford Madness! His daughter Hannah, researching the family’s history for a school project, discovered a headline from a 1880s Edinburgh newspaper: “Scotland Loses Greatest Angler to NZ”. The occasional highlight was a hot steak or fish meal at the Fitzroy Club which was occasionally open on a Saturday. Met some great kiwi folk that I keep finding in this great country. Bride-to-be Kaylene was fine with this, including his plans to do a short OE to play rugby for an English club, which he did. Matt's passion for the ocean and its creatures is what captivates viewers and ropes them in to come along on the adventure where Matt shares his extensive knowledge of the oceans creatures.

Matt Watson and his son Shaw, head out for a days fishing. Later that same year (2001) Matt married his longtime girlfriend Kaylene (she must be a very understanding woman to have stayed with Matt while he spent so much time away fishing). On arrival, they would sleep in the cockpit under a tarp until first light when they would catch jack mackerel which were kept alive in a fish bin in the outboard well, with a jury-rigged pump circulating the water. $("form#caldata").submit();

Grant Dixon tells the story…. reviews, fishing videos, fishing recipes, During the pre-filming briefing, the boys went over the script until the wee hours of the morning, helped by a few beers, until they realised the opening scene needed all three of them in it. Today Matt has become a popular character in New Zealand and abroad for his engaging energetic presence on television. Sundays 5pm on THREE. To fully appreciate Matt Watson’s story we need to go back several generations, when Matt was not even a twinkle in his father’s eye, to understand the effects genetics had on his development when he finally arrived on the planet.

It was while he was returning from the A&E feeling a little the worse for wear, he made a life-changing decision.

Instead I demonstrate what I do, things like releasing the larger breeding fish and just taking a quick photo as the trophy, as well as promoting tag and release. Every river you cross is a fishing opportunity. Struggling for work at first, he was eventually recognised as a top-rate tradesman and soon had as many as 10 staff working for him, having won contracts with Monier to roof Fletcher and Golden homes throughout southern and eastern Auckland.

I felt very small. About Us. url: '', if (year < 1000){ “TV Three didn’t even reply to our proposal, and the lady I spoke to from TV One said that ‘fishing didn’t belong on television,’ and certainly not a show like our pilot.”. In addition, drift netting will be prohibited in all New Zealand waters.

Licences are available now and the photo on the licence was the winner of the 2020 Fish & Game Fishing Licence Photo competition. Q: We all dream of exotic places to fish, but you live in one, so where do you dream of going to fish? dataType: "json",

Once peace was restored, Matt knew his commercial fishing career was in ruins. Make no mistake about it - Matt is putting NZ on the map globally. Deciding to stay put, they woke to calm conditions the next morning and discovered they were at Horn Rock – somewhere they had always wanted to fish but could never find, not having GPS at the time! Fishing personality: Matt Watson.

All I ever wanted to be was a commercial fisher, but I went down the sport fishing path as a crewman and captain, and one day I decided I’d have a crack at making a TV show, and thought I’d do things differently than the other shows out there, namely get below the water. On a Friday afternoon, Matt and a mate would drop off the tile elevator and hitch up the boat and head north to either Leigh or Sandspit, stopping to fuel up at the servo and buy all their steak and cheese pies and a loaf of bread, their main sustenance on board, along with Lion Red! He has found a way to blend incredible and most unusual fishing encounters with humor and conservation-oriented ethics.

His aunt’s partner came to the rescue and offered Matt a job, which turned out to be laying concrete roof tiles. A: Having a fishing show allows me to communicate to a large group of fishers, and I’ve found that with anglers, particularly in this part of the world, preaching conservation messages is not the way to go. He returned home to find the crewman’s job he had arranged before leaving had fallen through. "Kiwis are exploring New Zealand like never before. { Once again his nuts were on the line! bass fishing, and deer hunting, Subscribe here to get the latest updates news on all things fishing right to your inbox, Posted onJan 11, 2018 at 4:00 AM. $.ajax({ The ITM Fishing Show has morphed into ITM Hook Me Up! Another time they headed to Little Barrier in the pouring rain and dark, missing their mark, but thought they we still on track to Great Barrier according to their dead-reckoning. I felt very small. var timezone = jstz.determine(); With his mind not on the job, he took one backwards step too many and ended up straddling a piece of flashing, which sliced into the region of the family jewels, cutting the scrotum deeply. $("#major3").html(" " + data[1].major1); A: As a follow up to the ‘Gannetman stunt’ I was going to try ‘Eagle Man’. The kid, of course was Matt Watson, who everyone predicted, including himself, would some day grow up to be a fisherman.

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