my cousin rachel movie ending explained

Search for "My Cousin Rachel" on, Title: We’ll put a man on the moon before we figure out women sexist laugh hahahah.

I’m thinking he’s bipolar and also starting to develop mental issues due to the family brain tumor. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

5)”he only begins getting sick after drinking the tea SHE serves him and is adamant about him drinking it.

Almost like she knew it was poisoned. Had to read the book the moment the movie was over. S. Krishna’s Books You can also subscribe without commenting.

Louise got everything she wanted and her hands are clean. I liked the physical symptoms but I thought he was lovesick. West Horsley Place, West Horsley, Surrey, England, UK, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast.

When he and Louise find out (in the book) after criminally breaking into her desk in a letter from Mr. McCouch thanking her for turning in the family jewels because they belong to the English estate and then reads Rainaldo’s note in English telling her to “bring the boy along (to Italy) if you must,” Phil is anguished and realizes he just sent her to a dangerous area. Alfred Hitchcock directed works based on several of these. Hmmm…if not guilty, then why the ending line of I’m sorry as she rides off to her death? He paces the film so slowly, uses voice-over narration to fill in missing exposition and scenes, builds little suspense, and doesn't allow his characters any meaningful exchanges. To Philip’s astonishment and dismay, Ambrose later announces his plans to marry Rachel. Man. The jewels, the estate, everything. However, other notable adaptations of her novels include Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now and, of course, Roger Michell’s My Cousin Rachel. Phillip wasn’t good at learning as stated in the beginning of the film. I think she cared for Phillip but more so the way you like a puppy and not a lover or husband (her words by the way).

Their motive from the beginning was for Louise to marry Phillip for the estate. When Philip falls ill, he and we wonder whether Rachel, who insists on his drinking her exotic herb concoctions, is determined to be rid of him by foul means.

But that was what Phillip and Nick, and Louise were all worried about. Menu. Rachel also invites a ‘companion’ for her to stay at home further breaking Philip’s heart. Use the HTML below. Louise may or may not have mistranslated the note – but the larger point may well be that Philip is constantly flailing around in response to things other people say. When all of a sudden, Ambrose, a down on his luck, pale skinned Englishman, that is ill from some sort of British drama epidemic. That is exactly the sort of movie we have here with My Cousin Rachel. Welp, that doesn’t go as expected. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. No they are both a$$holes. He was a child who never fell for a girl she knew better.

Rachel was seriously overdrawn. If she never had this mask on, anyone would have caught her before (in her previous marriages), i.e., even after she dies, Philip is left confused (“Did she? I just saw My Cousin Rachel on dish and I thought the ending with Louise in the carriage, actually implicated Louise as complicit in Rachel’s death. And I do not believe Louise or father were lying about the rumors as Rachel defied the period standards of chastity.

Rachel was after his money!

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