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Not that we weren't prepared, not that we weren't ready, but because we were such a goal-driven team I think there was almost a feeling that after we beat Dallas or the NFC championship game on a cold, windy day in Philadelphia where the temperatures were 15 below as a wind chill factor, maybe there was a feeling that we had already accomplished our goal when we really hadn't. They've had the game in northern cities but always in domes.

I mean, did you feel you were getting an extra shot or they'd make sure and try and come down on you hard on your throwing shoulder? Run a flare, run a flare. I mean, we often focus on quarterbacks. To find out more, go to www.bigdaddygraham.com. They don't - Seattle? I'll be honest with you - you can ask any quarterback who plays now or ever played the game, no one likes to get hit. I just think it's poor sportsmanship. If he's suspended in the air, reaching for the ball, it used to be you could hit him and knock the ball away. And then he talks about the play, then he give you the play. L.O.B. We're going to be staying in a hotel. And for Sherman to turn to the 49ers bench and give the choke sign, again, poor sportsmanship.

He's a Hall of Fame football writer. DIDINGER: Yeah. "Gotta get over it. He came in low and hard. He'll just go in the wrong direction. It worked out for everyone. Ive covered the Eagles for more than 40 years so most of these players Ive seen up close and personal. Now, in the fourth quarter it may change when you have to make plays, but really, early in the game manage it well and don't make mistakes. Bednarik is the last true 60-minute man in pro football. Luker's case was less severe, but it came soon after she was diagnosed with ALS.

Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said, You could tell he was still hurting, but he played through it. "I want to get some apologies out in hopes of a Christmas miracle later," he laments over the radio waves. Sure, third-string (turned second-string) quarterback Nate Sudfeld admits the celebration after clinching the NFC East in Sunday's 43-35 victory over the Rams was a touch somber.

And I just think that it was just poor sportsmanship on his part to call out Michael Crabtree, had no reason to. How long are they going to be out in this weather? He told Rehfield this kid Brown was worth a look. I mean they're complicated when they call them, and then when you - after the team breaks the huddle and goes to the line of the scrimmage, you'll often hear the quarterback shouting these incomprehensible things, which may be changing plays, changing formations. I mean there's been this long - been a lot of research, there's now a lawsuit and court settlement that may or may not stand, that can affect, you know, dozens, hundreds of players. Foles, for his part, would have you remember his one, gleaming year in Philadelphia, those 27 touchdowns and two interceptions, his NFL-best 119.2 passer rating in 2013, before defenses caught up to Chip Kelly's hyperfast offense. The first was a full-speed shot on a kick return against Dallas in his rookie year. They pretty much do it at the line of scrimmage and Peyton's making it all up on the fly. He knew the Oilers had no interest in running the football so he replaced one of his linebackers with an extra defensive back to play the pass. He did not miss a game in eight seasons with the Eagles. If they had gotten to New Orleans and Dick had said, hey boys, go out and have fun, French Quarter is right down the street, you know, go down and have a hurricane on me, I don't think the players would've known how to handle it. Now very likely if you do that, you're going to get a penalty. John Madden coached Brown in Oakland and called him the most aggressive offensive lineman that ever played. And here's the thing that's lost on the average fan, who only sees these bites. The picture muddles with DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery working their way back. But at the heart of it is a game, and on today's show we're going to take you into the world of pro football in a way we hope you'll find interesting, even if the Super Bowl is the only game you watch or half-watch every year.

Win with class. His sports commentaries can be heard occasionally on NPR. Please be aware that the authoritative record of Fresh Air interviews and reviews are the audio recordings of each segment. Sadly, Waters paid a steep price for his jarring tackles. Via Paterno An Ogre On The Field by Ray Didinger in The Daily News. In the midst of Cowboys week, I have decided to do something a bit different for my weekly Q&A. Well, now that's been taken away and it's now much more of a go by the percentages, go by what the computer says kind of game. RD: Middle linebacker Jordan Hicks has been unusually quiet so far this season. They were 7-5 coming into the Oilers game and riding a four-game winning streak, but Defensive Coordinator Bud Carson knew this would be their toughest test.

The rules of the day allowed defenders to rough up receivers and knock them off their routes and no one did it better than Brookshier.

No defense had done that since the 1975 Minnesota Vikings. Powered by. David Byrne And Spike Lee Conjure Up A Joyous Vision Of 'American Utopia', Savor, Don't Settle: On TV, Quality Counts Now More Than Ever, Need An Escape?
Even Smarty Jones, the locally raised thoroughbred that fell one length short of a Triple Crown, run down in the stretch of the Belmont Stakes by a 36-1 long shot in 2004. I feel cursed. Football Player, Writer, and Law Student Tim Green. A Carson Wentz jersey. ON A SLICE of East Snyder Avenue, a lunchtime crowd snakes through a stucco shack sandwiched between railroad tracks and a Lowe's store, just close enough to the Delaware River to catch an icy December breeze off the water. You've got to understand that these things happen in the blink of an eye. We never got back. A die-hard calling himself Trucker Jay wants to know the same. This is not a game where you're going to pull up into your parking space 10 minutes before kickoff, walk in, grab a beer, sit in your seat and they're going to kick it off. Brian Dawkins (1996-2008) No explanation necessary. Todd Herremans (2005-current) The only current player on the team, but it is because he is a throwback who plays like an old-school lineman.

Sportswriter Mark Bowden. The Houston Oilers were 9-3 and unbeaten at home. He is one of the two best cornerbacks in the entire National Football League. I mean I would've expected, Richard would've had some kind of outburst, because that's him.

Kick Returner Heartbreak is baked into the sports DNA here -- for the Eagles, but beyond them, too. Parks is on track to make his Eagles debut in his hometown on Sunday. Just one day earlier, Bucci had been proved prophetic. But if you're asking one play, that's got to be the play, because there's no way that Manning should've ever thrown the ball. I kind of think that's overstating it a little bit. So you have a lot of wide-open space to run through. You can't do this. DIDINGER: It is, it is. You can't - no, you can't hit him that way. I mean the rules now are you can only hit a receiver within five yards of the line of scrimmage. RD: This isn’t the same Dallas team. DIDINGER: Yeah, for the most part they do.

So clearly it's about processing information quickly and getting the ball out of your hand and avoid contact by defenders that want to take you down hard.

You want to play the next game. They routed the Raiders 47-17, the Broncos 42-14, and the Bengals 35-3, all to the delight of their pompom-waving fans. DAVIES: All right, let's talk about the game itself. I mean basketball to me looked kind of like a simple game. What Does A 'Post-American World' Look Like? The other was his hit on the Saints Reggie Bush in the 2007 playoffs, a hit so memorable it was written up in Sports Illustrated and revisited as an NFL Films feature. DAVIES: Eli Manning, of course, has had to championships with the New York Giants... DAVIES: ...is a great player. You know, I'm also interested in the fact that, you know, the violence, while it can be repulsive to a lot of people, if you're really invested in your team winning, and a big moment has come, and you put - your guys put a hard pop on the other guys, that's exciting. Rams defensive end Deacon Jones said Brown had a cold-blooded mentality. "We told him, 'Shut up! Do they welcome these changes? I'm Dave Davies, in for Terry Gross. The third season of the series will be shown on DirecTV before airing on NBC in 2009. And so a man named Chris, who sounds deep-in-the-bones pained, calls into WIP and, between sobs, wonders aloud, "Why do we get hurt all the time?".

You know, go on, just go out and have fun. If the coach is rattled, and the coach is unnerved and uncomfortable in his surroundings, that will be transmitted to the players. That's the way, virtually, all quarterbacks work today. Who would you like to see step up on the backend this week? It happens a lot. I wanted to win so bad and lead our team to victory, I made mistakes. Ray, well, let's talk about this game. And the coach back then was Dick Vermeil, who was known as just a guy who prepared relentlessly, worked around the clock, was a real disciplinarian. In 1995, Didinger was presented the Dick McCann Memorial Award for his distinguished coverage of pro football, and his name was added to the writers’ honor roll in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. ", How Foles can successfully replace Wentz (0:40), Deflated in Philly: Fans react to Carson, the latest curse, Guide to every Week 6 NFL game: Picks, matchup nuggets, more, Sources: Browns' Mayfield, OBJ expected to play, Patriots' Michel, Mason, Rivers on COVID-19 list, Source: Fournette likely to be active but limited, Falcons place Cominsky on reserve/COVID-19 list, Source: Patriots reopen facility after positive test, Cards' Phillips won't miss time after dad's funeral, Jags put 12 practice players, Mauro on COVID list. DAVIES: OK, Ray Didinger, Brown, Richmond, 96 double, flare. He'd offer that 20 career wins and 36 starts isn't anything to sneeze at in this league. And what he will do is he will, generally, sort of check, check, which means OK, now we're out of that play. He returned kicks like a guy running between the tackles.
Richard, let me ask you about the final play; take me through it. Does it hurt less to have lost? The five-time Pennsylvania Sportswriter of the Year is a writer and analyst for NBC Sports Philadelphia. Oh, well, he's long since proven that. Donovan McNabb two years before that. Well, Ron Jaworski, welcome the FRESH AIR. Is it a mistake? Normally when a team is ranked No. What do you think is going on here? They offered Brown a free agent contract. Dan asked if I could come up with an All-Philly Tough team.

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