spirited away characters

Gonk: Like her sister, she is extremely deformed looking next to the other characters, with a gigantic and ugly head. Although there is a mouth painted on his mask, his real mouth is several times larger, with very sharp teeth.
And it belongs to, "Sen! Later, Zeniba turns Boh into a mouse, One of the most successful things about this film is its variety of unique characters. He

These Spirited Away characters wear kimono that read out ‘Abura’ (oil). I suppose you could say that after all of the crazy adventures and encounters in the spiritual bathhouse, she is more than ready to face her new home, new town and new school.

She runs off, saying, “Thank-you.” Hearing Chihiro say ‘thank you’ makes him happy, so later he tries to give Chihiro a whole pile of bath tokens. One minor character we see in the film is Chihiro’s father, Akiichiro Ogino.

Of course Haku always said she could trust him. When Chihiro leaves for the train station to visit Zeniba, Lin takes her by boat as far as she can. When Haku informs Yubaba that Sen and her real child had gone to confront Zeniba, Yubaba offers a deal. No-Face offered Chihiro the biggest pile of gold, but once again she refused, saying she did not need any. Aogaeru is a frog spirit, wearing a blue kimono that works at the bathhouse under Yubaba.

the Japanese believed that everything had a spirit, even something The river had gently carried her back to shore. Add new page. The same would have happened to Chihiro, if it were not for Yubaba’s apprentice, Haku. Originally he wanted all the attention and was cold-hearted, not willing to understand other's struggles (which makes sense considering he is a baby.) As befits her station her parents' lack of sympathy towards her, you can't blame her. Like many others in the bathhouse, he kind of resembles a frog. She is the main antagonist in the movie, Spirited Away. Lin, however was not sure of Haku’s intentions. That concludes this analysis of the Spirited Away characters. act as attendants for Yubaba. Being able to watch them grow and develop throughout the course of this film makes the movie a definite must-watch recommendation. Aogaeru His true form has an incredibly old man's face and is portrayed as thrilled when it is freed of its. She manages to help by getting rid of the birds, but not before Haku is gravely injured. Chihiro first sees this spirit on the bridge, walking toward the bathhouse.

He gains the voice of the first being he eats.
Alternatively Individuals of the films and other media by Studio Ghibli.. She finally gives in and tells Chihiro she can have a job as long as she stops screaming. Kashira are three, strange green heads that hover in and around Yubaba’s office. When Chihiro first starts working, Lin scolds her for her clumsiness. The Stink Spirit is one of the bathhouse's patrons, a particularly gnarly entity that finds itself there on Sen's first day as an employee. Her staff uniform consists of pink shorts falling down over her knee caps, a pink kimono covering up to just over her elbows, with a white ribbon tied into a bow in the back. When Haku becomes gravely injured, Kamaji attempts to heal him, and gives Chihiro train tickets so that she can travel to Zeniba’s cottage, to ensure Haku’s recovery. Despite Chihiro’s protests, he wanders inside, his reluctant family trailing behind. Chihiro first witnesses this kind of Spirit exiting the ferry that brings spirits to the bathhouse.

Aniyaku serves Yubaba as an assistant manager at the spiritual bathhouse. celebrating when Chihiro successfully cleans the River Spirit and defeats No-Face. A mysterious, secretive boy of about sixteen who can take the form of a flying dragon. Characters who appeared in the film, Spirited Away. Chichiyaku, along with other staff members, were all quite cold and harsh towards Chihiro/Sen because she is human. Castle in the Sky. In fact, Yubaba is the only one who seems to remember it. supposedly being the first person to ever acknowledge him and show him kindness by letting him into the bathhouse, it frightens all of the spirits in the town and some of the employees even try deterring it from entering the bathhouse, it rots Sen and Lin's breakfast in seconds when exposed to it, She's able to bring the best out of the grumpy, Able to bring out the warm-hearted side of the cold, Chihiro genuinely befriends the ignored and lonely, Chihiro was able bring out a kinder side of. Boh’s curse wears off, and he can return to normal. She gives Chihiro advice and takes in No Face to live with her. Read an When the two are done, she instructs Sen to go get an herbal bath token, and helps her attach it to a rope, pull it, and have Kamaji send up the water. Similar to many other Spirited Away characters working in the bathhouse, Aniyaku’s appearance could be compared to that of a frog. This leaves Chihiro and the Radish Spirit alone in the elevator. He tells her to travel up to the top floor of the bathhouse to strike a deal with the bathhouse head, Yubaba. Yubaba’s Bird (Yu-Bird) works as Yubaba’s trusty spy. Kamaji agrees to help Haku, but explains that to fully heal him, Chihiro must return Zeniba’s stolen golden seal and beg for forgiveness on Haku’s behalf. lives to Sen, who then confides to Zeniba that her real name is Chihiro.

her workers’ names as a means of control, such as when she changes girl, heroine of the movie. Category:Spirited Away characters | Ghibli Wiki | Fandom.

in fact, what Chihiro might have turned out to be if she hadn’t

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