the pride and the passion film locations

However I still think it could have been a bit shorter and that would have improved the product.Cary Grant renders a very convincing performance as the British officer that knows how to shoot the huge cannon; Sophia Loren is good too and Frank Sinatra, if not brilliant whatsoever, comes out acceptably as an Spanish "guerrillero" leader and by the middle of the film you get used to him.Not a classic or even a classical late 50's or early 60's epic spectacular "The Pride and the Passion" is an acceptable historical action film worth a watch. A shoemaker and his voluptuous girl friend are the leaders of the peasants trying to get the gun to Avila. A huge cannon, perhaps the largest in the world at that time, is discarded by the army as they retreat from the French invaders. It has well dosed and skillfuly handled action sequences, wide open sceneries in Spain, good color photo and a very appropriate musical score that gives it a sense of greatness. A rich businessman and a young woman are attracted to each other, but he only wants an affair while she wants to save herself for marriage. Eduardo Randallo. Earl Felton contributed an uncredited screenplay re-write, George Antheil composed the music score and Saul Bass designed the opening title sequence. Release Dates Directed by Marino Amoruso. A shoemaker and his voluptuous girl friend are the leaders of the peasants trying to get the gun to Avila.

I was a bit more than a kid when I saw "The Pride and the Passion" for the first time in theatres back in the late 50's and I remember I thought it was kind of slow and even boring at times. A "ragtag" group of Spanish loyalists find "The Gun" and begin to restore it so they may tow it across Spain to the French stronghold in Avila and use it to open the giant walls for an invasion. View production, box office, & company info. [citation needed], Opening to mixed reviews on July 10, 1957, The Pride and The Passion was successful, spurred by the popularity of the leading actors. Most of the film deals with the hardships of transporting the cannon to Ávila across rivers and through mountains, while also evading the occupying French forces that have been ordered to find it. During the Napoleonic Wars, a British captain is sent to Spain to help prevent the French from stealing a powerful cannon. Edit. The Pride and the Passion. But first, the leader of the Spanish guerrillas (Sinatra) wants to transport the weapon 1,000 km (620 mi) across Spain to help in the recapture of the city of Ávila from the occupying French before he releases it to the British. The story in this movie deals with the perseverance of Spaniards to take back their country from the French who have conquered Spain under Napoleon as he marched over Europe. Pride & Passion is the UPDATED version of Our Contributions: The Italians In America which was originally produced in 2000 as a National PBS Network Special. The cannon is moved and hidden in a cathedral while it is repaired.

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