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On December 5, 2014, Ocelot was confirmed to be a playable character in Metal Gear Online 3 via the debut trailer for The Game Awards.

They ordered Diamond Dogs to bomb the island with napalm to make sure any remaining trace of the parasites might be destroyed.

After a while, an illness outbreak began to occur on Mother Base. Afterwards, Ocelot replaced Liquid's arm with a cybernetic one. Revolver Ocelot's depiction in The Twin Snakes. [49] In an interview, Kojima mentioned that Ocelot was going to be a buddy character. Due to his heritage as the son of legendary hero The Boss, formerly The Joy, he was given preferential treatment within the organization, promoted to the rank of Major at a very young age, and given command of his own personal squad. He also was present after Raiden was captured on Arsenal Gear by Olga (secretly on Snake and Raiden's side), and suggested to Solidus that they use Raiden as bait to lure out the mole (Olga). THE-SON.

MGS3 fight with The Sorrow was a mistake and put me off the game. David Allen Thomas, Jr. (sometimes credited as David A. Thomas, David Thomas, or Dave Thomas) is a voice actor. Ocelot is one of the few Groznyj Grad personnel who is seen inside the weapons lab's west wing in spite of being below Colonel-class.[46]. In another trailer, Ocelot is shown interrogating Huey Emmerich and overseeing the interrogation of Quiet.

[36] Ivan, the Slavic variant of the name "John," is also a slang term for Russian people in general. [38], At some point between 2005 and 2007, Ocelot, with EVA's help, utilized a prototype device meant for the S3 Plan that was stolen by the latter from the Patriots to begin his attempt at becoming Liquid Ocelot.[39]. Unable to convince Volgin, Ocelot watched in horror as the Colonel launched the miniature warhead and destroyed the facility in a nuclear explosion.

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Get to the end of the river (this was easy if you killed less people). He was also dead set against killing his own comrades, especially his own fellow countrymen.

The Joy was wounded during childbirth in the middle of the battlefield, forcing her to give birth via cesarean section and the resulting operation gave her a snake-shaped scar on her torso. Main appearance(s) However, in a later interview with Dengeki Online after TGS 2014, he stated that although they planned to have Ocelot be a buddy character, the idea was scrapped for the time being.

Equipment He then managed to successfully steal RAY, sinking the tanker in the process. He reprised his role of The Sorrow in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Metal Gear Solid 2: Bande Dessinée. Ocelot's penchant for treachery was such that his triple-crossing nature was notorious by the 1980s, [28] although his disgust with Huey's cowardly, self-serving betrayals demonstrated that he still has limits and principles. Death brings sorrow.

This scene hints toward Ocelot's involvement with the CIA, prior to the big reveal in the post-credits scene. [48], Diamond Dogs Mother Base staff

Although Ocelot knew that the similarities to the Shadow Moses Incident were deliberate, he nonetheless felt a sense of nostalgia to when he tortured Snake in a torture room similar to the one they were currently in. After Snake and Otacon uploaded a computer worm into the battleship, Ocelot's forces were defeated, though that had been part of his plan all along.

Shortly thereafter, Ocelot secretly made a call to the CIA Director. When he was younger, Ocelot appeared to show patriotism toward Russia, always speaking up in defiance of Volgin's reckless killing of their fellow countrymen. Spanish While using the hospital staff as decoys against attackers, they would train and use hypnotherapy on a body-double to take Big Boss's place. This is the first numerical Metal Gear Solid title in which Ocelot does not possess a blatant antagonistic role.
When Big Boss awoke from his coma in early 1984, Ocelot briefed him on the situation, and outlined the ruse that he and Zero had planned so that Big Boss could go into hiding.

His puppet fighter being Fox McCloud is most likely an allusion to FOXHOUND. Solidus planned to eliminate the Patriots, completely unaware that his partner in the plan was an agent. Through the transplanted arm, Liquid's "spirit" periodically possessed Ocelot's body with the goal of disrupting Ocelot's plans. Ocelot's arm transplant was described as having been performed in Lyon, France, which was the location of the world's first hand transplant team. Ultimately, he wasn't a buddy character.

At the climax of Solidus's takeover, Liquid's persona once again took control of Ocelot, crashing Arsenal into Manhattan and escaping with RAY although not before beckoning Snake to pursue him, as well as Snake planting a transmitter on his hijacked RAY. After Fatman was killed after attempting to blow up the Big Shell, Ocelot reported to Solidus the possibility that Fatman was actually planted by the Patriots, gave the damage report for Shell 2, had planted the Semtex around the Shell connecting bridge, and got Emma Emmerich to explain things relating to Arsenal Gear via truth serum.

Ocelot also supervised Quiet's torture for an explanation after learning that she was a carrier for the vocal cord parasites, although he disagreed with Miller's belief that she was a threat. SAA The first successful hand transplant was performed there on September 28, 1998, though the patient later had it amputated, after failing to follow the correct anti-rejection treatment and physical therapy prescribed by his physicians. By 2014, Ocelot had switched Liquid's arm for a cybernetic prosthesis to restore balance to his psyche. June 6, 1944, Normandy, France B While Snake neutralized the Ocelot Unit, Ocelot himself captured EVA and held her at knife point, brandishing his new revolver at Snake. [45] After the duel with Snake, Ocelot exclaims, "You were lucky! All joined of their own will, united by their disregard for government notions of friend and foe, and East and West.

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Ocelot also attached the 9 mm bullet, which had jammed during his encounter with Snake, to a chain that he would wear around his neck, having modified it to fit the Single Action Army with which he intended to revenge himself upon Snake.[6]. He also anticipated Solid Snake's arrival at the tanker, due to his other mission being to ensure Snake and Philanthropy were framed by the Patriots as revenge for the fame they gained during Shadow Moses.

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